SAVAGE Entrepreneur Podcast

Successful, Rich & DEAD

June 28, 2022 Mike Savage
SAVAGE Entrepreneur Podcast
Successful, Rich & DEAD
Show Notes


  • Biggest Business Mistake #6: "Stopping taking care of my body when business is thriving, surviving or diving." 
  • "We only get one body. We only get to do this once. We don't get to screw this up and do it again. You don't get to say, Next time I'm going to do it right. No, it's LIFE: Take One! You don't get two chances."
  • Our body is an automobile. And we have the ability to treat this automobile like a fine-tuned Ferrari that just purrs. Or it can be a clunker. It can be a clunker that sits on the side of the road, a clunker that just rusts.
  • There are LOTS of things we cannot control. The things that we can control, we gotta do our damnedest to control.
  • "That's a W.R.A.P!” W.R.A.P: Winner's Rapid Action Plan - 5 Ways to Take Action TODAY
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